Therapy activities at PhysioNet in 2018.

Over the year we have checked, cleaned and, where necessary, repaired about 500 items of children’s equipment. With the support of the Thackray Medical Research fund visits have also been made to follow up equipment in Ghana, Bulgaria and Romania. Without this support it is impossible to provide the type of follow up that we believe is necessary. It enables the equipment sent, some of which is quite complex, to be utilised properly, to prevent contractures and deformities in the children as they grow and promote the inclusion of children into mainstream activities such as going to school.
The shipment to Ghana was the smallest of the three but the need there is huge. Disabled children are not only hidden away from others in their community, they often spend their days lying on the floor in their home, because of the lack of suitable equipment. We were very fortunate to have had some new “Special Tomato” equipment donated for this trip.
Where facilities for day care exist, equipment is needed there too to enable interaction with other children. There were far more parents requiring equipment than items available. As therapists our role was to assign the most appropriate equipment to each child and demonstrate to the carers, usually the mother, how to position the child and adjust the item. We worked with three institutions, a school – the first inclusive school in Ghana, a training centre for amputees that also incorporates a children’s home and school, and the children’s out patients department at the local hospital. We have retained links with all three organisations and plan to continue providing support to them.

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