Here we feature individuals and organisations who have benefitted from Physionet’s work.

Working in Pondicherry, India

A short video about Physionet’s work with receipients in Pondicherry, India

Special Needs in Kenya

“Tara is a smiley 3 year old who lives in the Special Needs Unit at New Life Homes Kenya. In the picture she is celebrating her birthday. Her only seating option was an old push chair which didn’t support her properly. This kept her in a low position so she couldn’t interact with the other children. Now in her new chair, supplied by Physionet, she is correctly positioned and her posture is much better controlled. She is at the same level as the other children and so is able to engage with social activity around her. The attached tray means she can have toys placed within reach. Improved posture and height also means that feeding is easier for her caregivers.”

Wesley’s Hoist

Wesley lives with Tara in Kenya and is a lanky 15year old. His weight and height was making it increasingly difficult for his caregivers to lift and transfer him. It wasn’t comfortable for Wesley and carried safely risks. Thankfully a second-hand hoist had been donated but staff needed an experienced physio to train them in its use. Physionet’s Heather Angilley was able to provide that training on site; now Wesley can be safely and effortlessly transferred. What’s more, Wesley loves the hoist and enjoys the sensation of being lifted in comfort.

Pieter’s New Walker

Pieter is a 13 year old with cerebral palsy. All limbs are affected and he cannot speak although he understands all that is said to him. He lives with his mum and grandma who care for him when he is not in day care. His mum gets up in the night to turn him. He receives a wheelchair from the government every 3 years and a pair of shoes every year. He likes to walk but is unable to do so without full support. Physionet supplied a walker which his mum feels will improve his quality of life. She said he smiled all the time he was trying it out. He also took away a toilet chair kindly donated by Jenx in the UK and some positioning equipment to make him more comfortable in bed.

Tim’s Big Gift

Tim's Big Gift

Tim Steele from Spalding donated eight items of equipment, including an all-terrain vehicle worth £8,000. This is the largest donation PhysioNet have received and we are very grateful. These were loaded on 6th April 2019 destined for Fiji.

Youvin’s New Chair

Youvin has celebral palsy and could only be placed on the floor, which he didn’t like, or on his mum’s lap – because of his muscle spasms. The addition of a PhysioNet chair has given him another more comfortable position where he can be fed and see what is going on.

Toy ‘Library’

PhysioNet  received donations of specialist toys throughout 2017/8. These were included in the shipment to Romania in 2018. This enabled them to set up a toy library which enables families who attend the Maria Beatrice centre to borrow toys appropriate for the developmental level of their child free of charge.

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