Equipment Partnership Programme

Physionet has established this new programme for overseas organisations that want to receive donations of children’s physiotherapy equipment. It supports them to understand when to use equipment, how to select the right item, to assess, measure, adjust and maintain the equipment. Training is given by children’s therapists with extensive experience with children in the UK.

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The format of any programme would be as follows – although this can/will be modified depending on need.

1. Establish relationship with recipient
2. Ensure there is a qualified therapist associated with the project ( PT or OT diploma or
degree course)
3. Establish source of financial support for shipping costs
4. Send equipment “catalogue” and blank “wish list”
5. Receive completed ”wish list”
6. Arrange shipment and follow up date for UK therapist’s visit.
7. Book and send shipment
8. Request shipment evaluations, to include a) consignment feedback and b) individual
users feedback.
9. Visits- year 1 work with local therapists to match equipment to children, training in
various categories of equipment, when used, contraindications, measuring, fitting,
adjustment, maintenance. May include other related training i.e.feeding
– Year 2 observe and support local therapists in the areas covered in year 1.
Introduce competencies
– Year 3 observe and complete competencies for local therapy staff
– Year 4 complete “train the trainer” programme with competent staff.
– Number of years may be reduced according to time, availability of therapists,
interpreters, etc
10. Maintain email contact with recipients prior to, and after subsequent shipments.
11. Send spare parts when available on request.
12. Ensure user manuals are available on website for recipients with email contact for enquiries.

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