Equipment Manuals

To assist our users, we are gathering a database of equipment manuals, where available, these are shown below. Email Heather Angilley on for support/assistance on any piece of equipment. 


Operating Manuals for End Users (.pdf format). On clicking, these manuals will download to your 'Downloads' folder. (You do not need a .pdf reader to view these files).
BuggiesActivate Corgi Sprint buggy
Alvema Ito buggy
Alvema Pixi buggy
Chunc buggy
Convaid Rodeo buggy
McLaren Major buggy
Ottobok Eco_buggy (3)
Patron Tom 4xcountry buggy
Patron Tom 5 streeter buggy
Patron Tom buggy
RMS Simba buggy
Thomashilfen Easy buggy
Thomashilfen tRide buggyOttobock Kimba single and double
R82 Stingray buggy
Swifty buggy Tendercare
Car SeatsRecaro Car Seat
MobilitySymmetrikit Miniwalk
Symmetrikit Meywalk mk3
Rifton Pacer small)
Rifton Pacer medium large xl
R82 Bronco
R82 Crocodile
R82 Pony walker
R82 Rabbit
Quest 88 Walker Basic Instructions
Quest 88 Kaye walker
Quest 88 Cavalier walker
Ormesa Dynamico walker
Leckey Atlas walker
Leckey Kidwalk
Mulholland walkabout
Nimbo walker advice notes
Kingkraft Rollator
Cricket patient transfer platform
SeatingVela Hip Hop chair
Tomcat Science chair
SOS Equipoise straddle seat
Smirthwaite Strato saddle seat
Smirthwaite Jive chair
Rifton Toddlerchair
Smirthwaite Brookfield chair
Smirthwaite Hardrock chair
Smirthwaite Heathfield
Smirthwaite Hip-Spicas (1)
Rifton Active seating
R82 Xpanda
R82 Wombat
R82 Panda Futura
R82 Panda Futura 5
R82 Nandu
R82 Flamingo
R82 Buffalo manual
Leckey Squiggles seat
Leckey Mygo chair
Joncare Goodwood Integra Chair
Leckey Corner Sitter
Leckey KIT chair
Jenx Whale
Jenx Ladybird & Turtle_
Jenx Junior Seat
Jenx Giraffe
JCM Heathfield
JCM Neptune
JCM Saturn
JCM Triton_Manual
Jenx Gamma new Style
AKces med Zebra chair
Activate Corgi chair
SleepingChailey Sleep system 2
Jenx Dreama
Symmetrikit Sleep Systems - website opens in a new page
StandingAMI Easystand 5000_youth
Chailey Standing Frame
Chinesport Struzzo stander
Jenx Cat Penguin Rex
Jenx Monkey stander
Jenx Multistander
Jenx Prone Stander
Jenx Urban Stander
Joncare Varyflex stander
Leckey Horizon Supine stander
Leckey Metal Freestander
Leckey Metal Pronestander
Quest 88 Upi stander
Quest Ottobock stander
R82 Caribou stander
R82 Gazelle
R82 Rabbit
Smirthwaite Independent, Layprone, Wentworth standers
Smirthwaite Original Red Stander
Smirthwaite Whirl
Tumbleform Tri-Stander
ToiletryRehanorm Mannheimer shower chair
Rifton Blue Wave bathing chair
Rifton Blue Wave Toilet System
Smirthwaite Potty-Chair
Ultima Bath chair
Mangar Surfer bather
R82 Flamingo
R82 Swan Toilet chair
Aquajoy bath lift
Akkulift bath lift
Patient TransferCricket patient transfer platform
WheelchairsInvacare Rea Azalea_UM_2013
Invacare Action 3 wheelchair
Invacare Blade Plus wheelchair
Ottobok Bravo wheelchair

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